Letšeng Unearths 134-Carat Yellow diamond


Letšeng Diamonds has recovered an exceptional, 134-carat Type I yellow diamond, the miner’s third important find in recent weeks and its second remarkable colored stone this year. It has been nearly two years since Letšeng Diamonds recovered a yellow stone of that magnitude.

In February, Letšeng recovered a 13.33-carat pink diamond that it sold to Graff on tender in Antwerp for M125 million. The price for that stone set a new high on a dollar per carat basis for a Letšeng diamond, at $656,933. Just over a week ago, the miner unearthed a 161-carat top-quality Type II white diamond, which was the first recovery of a diamond weighing more than 100 carats in 2019. Last year, Gem Diamonds recovered 15 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, setting company record for +100-ct diamond recoveries in a single calendar year.



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