Youth take charge in cleaning town


Four friends came together to take up the worldwide challenge codenamed #Trashchallenge, which trended on the social media in March.

Bohlokoa Maboloka (26) from Maseru took up the challenge with gusto after realising that her hometown was extremely filthy especially at the Taxi ranks. She told her three finds to do something about cleaning Maseru, and the quartet got their hands dirty by cleaning the town.

Their efforts went viral as many people witnessed these future leaders taking responsibility cleaning the streets by picking up plastics, tins, bottles and papers, putting them in trash bags. Many people joined them and as they went through the tiny streets on Sefika precinct picking up the dirt. Other institutions vowed to clean up Maseru over the weekend together with the quartet.

‘There was a world challenge to clean our environments and we realised that Maseru needed some cleaning. The #Trashchallenge ignited something in our hearts so that we could roll up our sleeves to make it clean. On Saturday, we will be collecting rubbish from the taxi rank and the streets with African Leaders, Enviro-Care, Lintle for women and Girl child and Inspire Innovation. We were talking with street vendors and hawkers about the ways of keeping the streets clean and litter everywhere,’ said Maboloka.


She said many people have shown interest in volunteering their time and tools to clean Maseru. Maboloka said any Mosotho who loves this country should come and play their part in cleaning the streets to avoid diseases and the spread of germs.