Carnival to mark Africa Day


It will be a unique mix of glitz, glamour and culture when Thaba Bosiu – the cradle of the Basotho nation – hosts a carnival to commemorate Africa Day on May 25.

Africa Day is commemorated in Africa and other international countries as a day that celebrates the foundation of the African Union.

This year the event will congregate Africans living in Lesotho to celebrate their unity, diversity, culture, heritage and solidarity through music, food and poetry to honor the African professionals who played a significant role in shaping and developing Lesotho.

The iconic Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village will be the epicentre of festivities to mark the day.  Activities will include a walk up Moshoeshoe the Great’s famed fortress. It will be preceded by a recreational football match between the national team Likuena and a select team of African footballers at Setsoto Stadium in Maseru, the day before the event. The winner will be awarded the inaugural Lesotho Africa Day Commemoration Cup.


Revellers will also be entertained by performances from the African Unity band, Siphiwe Nzima, Mookho Moqhali and a surprise special guest.

The Africa Day Carnival 2019 will be a day to reclaim peace and justice for Basotho. The event is organized by local marketing and events company, Pabatso Exposée, and is themed ‘BoAfrika’ in Lesotho.

 According to Pabatso Exposée marketing manager, Thabiso Sebotsa, ‘’Lesotho like other countries, does acknowledge the presence of our fellow brothers and sisters from the length and breadth of our continent. They have played unique roles that contributed to the socio-political, academic, infrastructural and economic development of Lesotho.

“In view of the many social ills that we are facing on this continent namely xenophobia, corruption, moral and cultural degeneration; Africa Day 2019 serves as a platform to deliver key counter social ills messages meant to combat them.”

He concluded that the event is poised to expose to various communities of the global village, the melting pot of African traditional, cultural and heritage beauty in diversity that reside and coexist in harmony in Lesotho.


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