LUCT students, media forge links


The Limkokwing University of Creative Technology’s (LUCT) public relations class of 2020 held the ‘Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs Through Media’ campaign in Maseru on Wednesday this week.

The aim of the campaign was to appreciate media practitioners for good work they do and continue to do in Lesotho, and to encourage media to focus more on inspiring young entrepreneurs and engage in topics that bring other youths to business world other than politics.

The director of the university’s academic management, Lelingoana Lerotholi said it had come to LUCT’s attention that many societies in the world had failed to realize the importance of media practitioners.
He said Lesotho cannot make it if it fails to realise the importance of the media, and that this would only serve to exacerbate unemployment and economic crisis in Lesotho.

A second year Public Relations student, Mpho Mothobi indicated that the country was entangled in unemployment, and that Lesotho needed a proactive media to successfully fight the scourge.


“Media practitioners are opinion leaders of society. In order for us to grow as a nation, we need a strong media as a driver of social change.
“The media is extremely influential and it would come in handy if it embraced more constructive and progressive content which is business and developmentally oriented”, Mothobi said.

Media Institute of Southern Africa – Lesotho Chapter – chairperson Nkoale Tšoana admitted that many media practitioners had gone astray and betrayed the profession’s ethics, as they had become tools that advance politicians’ personal agendas.

“As we go about the national reforms process, MISA is going to solicit inputs from students of the National University of Lesotho and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology because they are professionally trained in media practices.

“The media appears to be flooded with people who have failed in other careers. After these upcoming media reforms, media-related issues are going to be entrusted with qualified individuals who will observe and uphold the ethics of the profession,” Tšoana said.

He advised media practitioners to give in-depth coverage to entrepreneurship and developmental matters rather than politics, as he lamented that nowadays the media is controlled by politicians behind the scenes. He said encouraging young people to enter the business world through media was the best effective way to fight unemployment in Lesotho and MISA
“The campaign was a success and therefore, the public relations class of 2020 are ready to go into the industry and showcase their skills,” Tšoana said.

The university was established in 2008 with the objective of contributing towards Lesotho’s Vision 2020 and help to alleviate poverty and create jobs, as it offers courses that strive for self-help and employment.