Pop Up Bus Ride leisure experience


A nation that values its treasures, its heritage. Indeed it is quite inspiring to see young people taking the lead in projects aimed at restoring national pride.

Today, 150 years since the foundation of Maseru as the capital city of Lesotho, a young Mosotho entrepreneur and businessman Mr Moekoa Thahane has carved his niche through a business concept that celebrates the culture and heritage of Maseru through great tasting food, leisure travel and music.



Themed Pop Up Bus Ride, “The idea was born out of my deep appreciation of Basotho culture and heritage, and being a business orientated person, I thought of how we could promote our culture and heritage while we generate income through leisure and entertainment heritage tours that offer classy experience to a market that enjoys life with an understanding of where they come from as a people,” Mr Thahane explains.

Given the times we are living in, in light of our dented and degenerated moral and social fibre, the promotion of our culture and heritage among young people, has a huge potential of restoring our national pride and concepts such as the Pop Up Bus Ride are a step in the right direction towards mitigation while not losing the essence of modern day leisure and entertainment.

Thahane continues: “Pop Up Bus Ride(s) are sassy, classy, entertaining and informative in nature with a target audience of intrepid, financially independent trend setters who enjoy a unique leisure travel experience that offers the daily comforts of internet, great tasting food and good music while exploring their culture and heritage”.

Pop Up Bus Ride events occur once every two months and are focused on Maseru and its surrounding areas. The next Pop Up Bus Ride excursion will be on June 1 2019.

This particular experience will follow the footsteps of Colonel James Henry Bowker, a South African naturalist born on Olive Burn farm in 1825 by British parents.

Colonel Bowker was a High commissioner of the then Basutoland, entrusted with establishing Lesotho’s administrative capital which we now know as the 150 year old Maseru City.


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