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Liqhobong Recovers 54ct Intense Fancy Yellow

Firestone Diamonds has recovered a 54-carat intense fancy yellow, sawable diamond from its Liqhobong Mine in Lesotho, the company announced this morning. This recovery follows that of a 72-carat yellow makeable stone last April. The miner also has a a 134 carat gem-quality light yellow diamond on its resumé. The most reecent diamond will go on sale in Antwerp at the next tender, which is scheduled to take place during the first week of September 2019. Tender house First Element will facilitate the sale at the Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility inside the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

“The Liqhobong mine has become known for its fancy yellow stones but this one is the largest we’ve recovered so far and is therefore quite special,” said Paul Bosma, Chief Executive Officer. “Although certain segments of the diamond market are currently struggling, the demand for unique natural stones remains positive.”

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