Teaching girls to be tech-savvy


Social empowerment programme Gender Empowerment Entrepreneurship Media Institute (GEM) will host a one-day conference for young girls to teach them technology skills in Maseru today.

The conference is intended to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. The day’s theme will be ‘Empowering Girls for The Future’ paired with the conference theme of ‘Girls and Women in Technology’.

“The conference will see 150 girls from 10 districts engage in conversation and exhibit technology projects. This will be girls from primary (grade 3) to high schools (grade9). The event will be held on October 11th at ECOL Centre in Khubetsoana,” the programme coordinator of GEM Mpeo Leseinyane explained.

She indicated that the aim is to empower women and girls through technology. She said they would like to see girls take over the world in technology like their male counterparts are doing.


“It is not through millions that change happens. Passion and determination to bring change and spark a conversation for development is a game starter for inclusive development. As Lesotho navigates the inventions and developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), GEM Institute puts women and girls at the centre of this conversation by challenging them to start developing, creating, innovating technology,” Leseinyane said.

She explained that they are working with girls’ technology clubs in six districts, paired with more projects from schools which are committed to encouraging girls to take technology as the next level of engaging in digital literacy.

She further indicated that with the support of multiple partners including the public sector, private sector and schools, the conference stands to be the first of its nature intentionally designed to increase digital literacy and technology inclusion for girls in Lesotho.

“We realised that the technology industry is manned by males across the globe. The conference is intended to elevate Basotho girls to be part of this global tech community. It is our hope that more men both in and outside of the tech space will encourage Basotho girls and women not to shy away from taking part in the fourth industrial revolution,” Leseinyane said.


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