Naka la Tṧukulu – the self-confessed culture geek


“Culture reveals the true picture of life.” This is the mantra of 22-year old Amohelang Kose, a qualified geography teacher who is also a praise singer and author who is extremely passionate about culture.

Kose goes by the stage name of Naka la Tṧukulu (Rhino Horn); he was born and raised at Manamaneng Ha Mapheelle, in the Thaba-Tseka district.

A qualified Sesotho and geography teacher due to graduate from the Lesotho College of Education in April 2020, he works as a security guard for a local security company.

He told theReporter: “I have just completed writing a novel titled Lia hanong ke lifumanoa tebe-tebeng which was edited by Dr Lehlohonolo Phafoli. However, the book has not been published yet. I also write and recite Sesotho poems.


“I adopted the name ‘Naka la Tṧukulu’ when I discovered my prowess as a praise singer and poet. I basically likened myself to a rhino. An (adult) rhino has no predators. In a similar vein, I have no rivals. I do my own without preoccupying myself about others,” he said cockily.

He emphasized that his work reflects the diversity of life. He writes about almost everything: pain, love, guidance, appreciation, honour, everything.

“Poetry sojourns deep in my heart; it is a talent from the Almighty. Our culture is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is unique and reflects both our intelligence and spirituality. It defines who we are and we are not complete without it.

 “As a matter of fact, I love my culture so much that it has become my way of life, my lifestyle. I rock it when I walk in the streets. When you enter my room, you witness the beauty of cultural decorations: traditional photo gallery, clay pots, the Basotho hats, everything. Seeing them everyday gives me hope for the future; a constant reminder of where I come from. They sing me soulful music that melts my heart, that even morning birds cannot sing.

“So far I have performed at various events: ‘Khaba joaloka ‘Mabasotho’ – an annual beauty pageant held in honour of Queen ‘Masenate Mohato Bereng Seeiso’s birthday; the 80th birthday of Prime Minister Thomas Thabane; churches, weddings and graduation ceremonies.”

As a parting shot, Kose says: “When it comes to culture, I am prepared to break boundaries; I can go viral to showcase the beauty of African art, while improving tourism in Lesotho in the process.”