The misunderstood 3D makeup genius


By Neo Kolane

Twenty-two-year old ‘Mamokone Liphoto is a professional makeup artist and fashionista who does not allow detractors’ criticism to stop her from achieving her goals.

The Matsieng-born budding special effects expert told theReporter that she strives on uniqueness in everything she does – from the way she applies makeup to the way she dresses. She says she enjoys exploring new things because that is where she finds her adventures.

“I went to university and that is where I was taught the basics of applying makeup, knowing the faves, the right products and materials to use. With that knowledge, I practiced and started knowing more about beauty makeup and, as time went by, I discovered the essence of being unique.”


Connie, as she is affectionately known to friends, says she is self-taught as she discovered that no one else in the country did what she does when she started out.

“I was featured in Mosikong film as a makeup artist and costume designer. I also worked with 99Future heroes and Thalaboliba Productions.

“In the beginning, I never thought I would end up being in a position to work in the film industry because I was doing it for fun.

“I received positive feedback from people who loved my work; some advised me to meet up with film industry people and since I was doing something I loved, I just went for it.”

Not everyone appreciates other people’s efforts because of society’s stereotypes. Connie’s has come across different people of different calibres and inclinations telling her how scared they are of her.

“People usually say I am different; some even went as far as branding me a Satanist. It was so hectic that I even got blocked on Facebook.

“Even though I receive negative remarks like people telling me to stop what I do or no one will talk to me, I remain unfazed because I love my work.

“I do not do what I do to win over people’s hearts; I do it to fulfill my dreams. There are people who genuinely love my work and support me. I appreciate that,” said the BA(hons) Fashion and Retailing graduate.