School grooms children for change

Children during the fashion show at Elibo Guest House

By Neo Kolane

Phetoho Paradigm School has set its sight on helping children aged 8-12 years to uncover their talent for the future.

Phetoho Paradigm is a practical school founded in April 2021 as means to change children’s mindsets in to develop their potential talents for their future.

It is situated at Lithabaneng in Maseru.


One of the founders of the school, Nkhala Ncheke, said Phetoho Paradigm has three courses namely; School of Fashion, Culinary and Beauty. It is planning to add Farming course in its curriculum.

She said they established the facility upon realization of a high rate of unemployment among the youth aged of 20- 21 years. Those, she added, are still fresh from higher learning school.

“As Phetoho Paradigm School, we thought its best we teach children whilst at a young age because their different talents grow so as to enable them to make right choices in life.

“When children grow up, they should be in a position to make good choices depending on theit uncovered talents,” she suggested.

She emphasized that the school intends to develop young children who want to become entrepreneurs and not prefer to be employed.

Ncheke shed a light by informing theReporter that the they chose to selected children aged 8-12 years “because it is the earliest age where children are able to calculate; it be measurements or sizes.”

She urged that the youngsters are enlightened to the basics in learning so that they are able to to make relevant choices and adjust to talents they are passionate about.

Last weekend the school held a fashion show at which they displayed their makes such as traditional dresses. It was at this event where they also graduated.

The fashion show was held at Elibo Guest House in Ha Seoli Maseru.

“The children who are doing fashion were showcasing their seshoeshoe dress which they had sewn and wore them during the event,” Ncheke said.

Accommodating only 15 children for each course, the school charges a fee of M1 200 in a period of a month.

“Each course takes a span of a month after which a learner graduates.” Ncheke said.


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