DMA warns of severe hunger


By Mots’elisi Sekonyela

The Disaster Management Authority (DMA) says a study conducted by the authority estimates that at least 338 000 Basotho will face severe hunger between the months of January and March this year.

This chilling warning was made by DMA deputy chief executive officer, ‘Makhotso Mahosi, who attributed the looming crisis the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the heavy rains that have tampered with the production of food.

Mahosi says many Basotho were left without employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic while those who grow crops are now faced with the difficulty of clogged soil and other distasteful heavy rain aftermaths.


“To try and lessen the number of probable victims, DMA has started the process of buying grain produce from Basotho farmers, which will be distributed to vulnerable households all over the country.

“Upon the receipt of these unfortunate results that show of the great number of Basotho that are likely to live in severe hunger, DMA took it upon itself to buy grains from Basotho farmers all over the country. We intend to distribute such food to vulnerable homes,” Mahosi said.

So far, DMA has bought food from 1481 farmers and distribution is intended to start as soon as the maize milling process is complete.


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