Government 4 makes content creation fashionable

The Government 4 Lieketseng Rapokisi, Agnes Tṧehla, Puleng Tṧehla and Mojabeng Tṧehla)

By Neo Kolane

A lifestyle brand, Government 4, was founded in 2017 to change the marketing landscape of Lesotho by using content creation for marketing of local brands.

The Government 4 is a lifestyle brand that promotes fashion, makeups, traveling, body positivity, food and sisterhood.

It was founded by four siblings Puleng Tṧehla, Mojabeng Tṧehla, Agnes Tṧehla and their friend Lieketseng Rapokisi.


One of the founders, Puleng told theReporter that what makes this brand special is that it is represented by four sisters, each with a different energy, personality and style.

Puleng said this makes the brand diverse and relatable because every member of The Government 4 sisters covers a special demographic or appeals to a certain kind of personality, whether a girl in her mid-20s or mid-30s, the wild card in her clique or weirdo, the classic boss lady who lives in heels, the and the fitness fanatic. 

“We usually say we are four black sisters doing whatever we want. That’s it. The aim of the four black women is to live and embrace their lives,” she said.

Since it was founded, it has marketed for local companies like Kemet designs and creative, Haka Production, Eitt Designs and is currently working with Kai Farm House Winery.

Lieketseng says Government 4 hopes to be recognized as potential brand ambassadors and influencers especially for local brands and content production.

She was mindful of a new segment on their media platforms which is airing next week and geared towards having uplifting conversations and promoting local artists and businesses.

“Saying the brand has impacted Lesotho as a whole would be quite a stretch but from the feedback that we have received from our followers we have helped a lot of Basotho females who don’t fit the stereotypical narrative that beauty builds self-confidence and develop healthy relationships with their siblings.

“What we hope to achieve moving forward is to change the marketing landscape of the country and use content creation which is what most developed countries are now doing. Not only is it more affordable but it creates job opportunities for youth in an economic climate where jobs are scarce.

“It would almost be impossible to try and describe four very different individuals in five words, but perhaps a word that captures our essence as a group would be that we are versatile,” Lieketseng said.


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