Khantṧa Energy scoops Äänit Prize

Associate director of Khantṧa Energy Koaile Monaheng

By Neo Kolane

Lesotho-based social enterprise Khantṧa Energy was announced as one of the four winners of the Äänit Prize this past weekend September 17, 2022.

The amount M1, 394, 400 is to be split between the four winners.

The associate director of Khantṧa Energy Koaile Monaheng told theReporter this week that being a winner means Khantṧa Energy can undertake the first steps to deliver its vision of lighting up Lesotho’s future.


Monaheng said for communities it means the company can extend basic services of renewable energy to more people.

He also explained that it also allows the company to attract more investment and build strategic partnerships that are aligned with our values and principles.

“More broadly, the excitement we have seen from Basotho and African citizens and international colleagues from all over the world who have supported us is proof that issues of Lesotho are now part of the global process. As a result, a lot of big international actors who are interested in Lesotho would like to make a difference.

“Young people are really inspired by this renewable energy concept,” Koaile said.


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