Kids’ robotics boot camp coming up

Some of the Academy students building robots

By Seleoe Nonyane

Girls Coding Academy is hosting a coding and robotics boot camp for young minds in preparation for the First Lego League and the first tech challenge which will take place in 2023.

The seven-day boot camp which will start from December 12 2022 is open to both girls and boys from five to 17 years old.

Each child is expected to pay a registration fee amounting to M150 and an additional fee of M400 for children between the ages of five to 13 while the 13 to 17 year olds are expected to pay a M700 fee.


Talking to theReporter, Girls Coding Academy manager Thabang Penyane said that this is the first boot camp the academy ever holds since its inception in the country.

Penyane stated that as the academy they saw it fit that they should hold the boot camp during the festive season because more children are available.

“This is the best time to have the boot camp because most of our clients are at home for the Christmas holidays and this will make it easy for those who have been away during the course of the year to attend the boot camp.

“Most of our students do not have the time to attend our day to day classes and have missed some of the lessons. Therefore, this boot camp will help fill in the cap,” she said.

She showed that at the event the students will learn how to build robots and programme them to whatever functions they wish.

Penyane said that it is essential for children to learn about computers from a young age as it prepares them for the future and that it comes in handy for them compared to someone who learns computers at a later stage.

“It equips them with innovative skills which are now a necessity as the world is now moving into technology. It helps them with critical thinking from a young age and for them to always think outside the box.

“It further assists them with problem-solving skills,” she explained.

She said that since the entry of the academy was open they have seen a positive change especially with the parents of the children as most of them come to the school. Such, she added, is a sign that the event id headed for good direction.

Penyane told this publication that this will be their second time attending the First Lego League. In their first experience was amazing as they brought home gold medal.

This time around they are aiming even more higher as they are eyeing to be part of the top three winners giving the students an opportunity to compete out of South Africa.

Girls Coding Academy is an organization that seeks to equip girls and boys with basic computer skills, robotics, computer science concepts and enable them to engage experimentally in application development.

They specialize in the production of controlled devices, the design and fabrication of robots for competitions, the education of students as well as the transfer of high-tech intellectual property.

Girls Coding Academy is a new academy of technology for a girl child in Lesotho.

For more information on the coding and robotics boot camp, contact  Penyane on 59076504/62296071.


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