LFW opens doors for influencers

Model struts her stuff at the LFW Spring-Summer 19 Collection event

By Seleoe Nonyane

It will be a great day on February 4 this year during a launch of the biggest collaboration in Lesotho between Lesotho Fashion Week (LFW) and Pere DStv Agency and Connected Services which will take place at the DSTV private lounge at Maseru Mall.

The brunch will bring together Lesotho’s top 15 fashion icons in an opulent setting to network, create amazing content together, exchange ideas and cross collaborate.

The founder of LFW Mahadi Granier this week told the publication LFW is the largest fashion institution in Lesotho and it is constantly seeking ways to establish itself as separate from western influences.


“The relationship between Lesotho Fashion Week and Lesotho fashion influencers is a very important one. With the Lesotho fashion industry rapidly growing, it is only natural that we would want to deepen relationships with our local fashion influencers.

“They are very instrumental in helping define the culture and in promoting the work of young Basotho designers to global audiences.

“Our influencers serve as the bridge between designers and consumers. They use their social media influence to push efforts that benefit the local industry and the African continent at large,” Granier said.

She revealed that their motto at LFW is #lesothototheworld. Therefore, that is what they seek to achieve with this partnership.

She minces no words to say it is their first ever partnership with Pere DStv Agency and Connected Services and that the LFW has partnered with other entities in the past such as JET, Woolworths, Wella Professionals, Thaba- Bosiu Cultural Village, Mpilo Boutique Hotel as well as The Advocate Suites.

This partnership with Pere DStv Agency and Connected Services entails LFW Autumn Winter 23 which is scheduled to take place from February 17-19 2023 at a secret location.

This partnership will see Pere DStv Agency and Connected Services as the LFW exclusive event ticketing partner.

The LFW has hosted three successful seasons in the past making the LFW Autumn Winter 23 the fourth season.

In this season, the LFW will bring together over 100 fashion designers and international models from all over Africa. The international audiences will be traveling from countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Eswatini, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana and Nigeria.

“20 African nationalities with diverse cultural backgrounds at the Lesotho Fashion Week to facilitate relationships which will boost tourism and create jobs”, she said.

She said the fashion industry world has always been fast-paced arguing it is a world that most of the time relies on reputation and hence making networking essential.

Strongly she believes that collaboration is a very powerful way to create buzz around the project while simultaneously marketing both the brand and their collaborators’ followers, overlapping their reach and all the while promoting an innovative new idea.

“Collaborating with professionals from a different discipline to your own is very effective in broadening your skills.

“There is always going to be someone that has something that you don’t, so why not work with such?

“By collaborating more in this industry, designers, influencers, models, photographers and make-up artists can reach more customers while creating something magical by utilizing the skills of other professionals,” she explained.


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