Lineo eyes big modelling break


By Staff Writer

Up and coming model Lineo Mochesane has risen above personal circumstances to firmly place herself on the path to becoming one of the best models to ever come out of Lesotho.

At 1.65 metres tall and with a face and demeanour that exude intimidating confidence belying her age, 22-year old Lineo sure has star quality. She radiates a commanding and awe-inspiring presence and could easily be mistaken for one of those models that grace international ramps.

Lineo was born in Roma but grew up at Upper Thamae in the Maseru district. She completed her studies at Itekeng High School in 2018, but is planning to go to college this year after taking a break to reflect on her life and discover herself.


It was only in 2020 that the leggy lass with a knack for adventure eventually got fixated on modelling after a string of experiments in the trade.    

“A lot of things began making sense to me in 2020. I fell in love with fashion and yoga, among others, and then started showcasing my talents. I want to pursue a career in modelling because I still wanna show the world more of me and what I’m capable of. And with my role models as my source of strength, I will keep pushing until I get to the finishing line.

“Actually, I would like to be recognised by as many fashion houses as possible, work with them and be their brand ambassador. I also wanna have my own fashion house and boutiques.

“At the moment I fall under Fashion Sundays Agency. It is a new modelling agency and we haven’t done any shooting yet. I work with Lelia Moeketsi as my photographer; I promote his photography. I also have a lot of people that I’m in partnership with but for now I prefer to keep our work under wraps. What I can tell you is that something big is coming,” she said.

The outspoken Lineo says she would not be where she is today if it were not for the support of her family, close friends and fans.

However, the fashionista who enjoys designing and styling outfits in her spare time, looks up to models like Thabee Happy, Moozlie Mabena, Rihannah and Thabsie. She just marvels at their ‘unique’ sense of fashion, and enjoys looking at their pictures which she finds motivating.

Interestingly, she is still her mother’s little girl at heart, and constantly seeks her reassurance and approval in everything she does.

But be warned, and don’t let that fool you. In her own words, Lineo states: “I am a very confident and fearless person, with a tinge of that don’t-give-a-damn attitude. I really don’t care what people say behind my back. I have had my fair share of negativity, but such don’t bother me one bit. I always strive to maintain utmost professionalism while I go about my business.”

Like every other of trade, rejection is part and parcel of the cut-throat dog-eat-dog entertainment business, but Lineo takes it all in her stride.  

“Although rejection hurts, I never take it too personal and I always tell myself that what is meant to happen will happen.”

The modelling and fashion industry involves a lot of travelling and that is something Lineo is intrigued with and is enthusiastically looking forward to, but not until she has established herself as “a successful businesswoman and the dollars have started rolling in”. 


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