Online career guidance for the youth


By Kefiloe Kajane

A local technology company led by women, BasalilTech, that also focuses on introducing young girls to technology, will host a technology career series online on August 1 through their social media pages as a way to motivate the youth.

The technology career series is a career guidance session that will be hosted online through online platforms. This session comprises of a series of videos recorded by professionals in the technology industry, where they will tell participants about their work, what they do, what a day looks like for them at work, the skills and qualifications they need to do their work successfully as well as what they love and the challenges they face.

Senior IT systems engineer and co-founder of BasaliTech, Setsoto Hlohlomi, says they strive to encourage not only young girls and children but the youth in general to take part in science and technology activities. 


“This is what we are aiming to achieve by this session, but now using recorded videos instead of in-person presentations as it was done in past; to teach the youth about various careers in technology and what they entail so that they are better informed of the options and requirements and to also encourage them to pursue technology related careers.

“This session is mainly suited for high school students who are about to select a course to enroll for at university or college. It is also suited for college and university students who are soon to transition to the workplace, anyone who wants to move to the technology sector and anyone who wants to learn about various technology careers,” Hlohlomi said.

She indicated that they will share the videos according to a pre-defined schedule (from 9:00am to 2:00pm on August 1, so that the audience can watch the videos and can ask questions in the comments section. She said these questions will then be answered by the experts themselves through text as well. She said it is set to be an exciting day and is encouraging people get their data bundles ready and prepare to watch the videos.

“This is a great opportunity to digitize our content and deliver these sessions and trainings online especially during this time when people cannot have gatherings. It is a second online series we are hosting, the first one being the Introduction to digital skills session held in April to commemorate Girls in ICT Day which was meant for the youth to understand the growing importance of digital skills,” she said  

Hlohlomi stated that hosting sessions online has allowed them to reach more people than they would through the in-person boot camps they hosted pre-Covid1-9. She said they have had great response and registrations are still open for anyone who would like to express interest in the session.

She said people should expect to learn more about technology and careers in technology, which might change many youth’s perspectives career wise.