Natural bath soap breaks into market


By Neo Kolane

In a quest to cater for people of all skin types, Mohalalitoe Natural Bath Soap has been created with natural oils instead of synthetic oil used in other soaps.

One of the directors of the company, Setlhare Jane told, theReporter that the soap has existed for the past two years but it was re-introduced last month in mass production.

Jane said that the soap is of great quality, with an affordable price and it is very competitive to other soap brands.


“Soap is a fast moving good that is used daily and that is one of the reasons that prompted the production of Mohalalitoe Natural Bath Soap.

“Mohalalitoe is mild for people with sensitive skin,” she said

Jane mentioned that they have four clients who suffer from eczema and the soap put their eczema under control.

The long awaited Mohalalitoe Natural Soap is now available on the market, much to the delight of its fans.

Mohalalitoe is known for scientifically beating other South African brands because it had the lowest percentage of chloride, and that maintains the right hardness without chemicals.

Secondly, Mohalalitoe was not only within the recommended pH, it was the second best in terms of pH, being beaten by only one of five soap brands.

“Soaps with low moisture content have the highest shelve life, they spend more time on the shop shelves without going deteriorating and losing quality. Mohalalitoe has the lowest moisture content of them all.

“It could be due to the way Mohalalitoe is manufactured; it spends more than three dozen days where it is allowed to mature before it is sold, losing moisture in the process,” said Limakatso Nthethe, who is one of the scientists who did the extensive tests.