Lesotho agrees deal with UAE, Qatar and Turkish Airlines


By Kefiloe Kajane

The minister of communications, science and technology Keketso Sello says cabinet, has, among other things, decided on ratification of air services agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey.

He indicated that the agreement is that planes and cargo from these countries should be able to enter and exit Lesotho.

He said another decision made was to award the ministry of sports, gender and recreation M280 million in order to host the African Union sport Council Region 5 Games. He said the games will be in December 2021.


“Cabinet have accepted the requests from Zambia, Palestine and Sweden’s citizens to become ambassadors of those countries in Lesotho. It was also decided that Lesotho should withdraw the case that was between government of Lesotho and Swissborough Diamond Mines, where Lesotho wanted compensation; Lesotho won the case.

“The reason is that the case is in foreign courts and it is costly to file, and the compensation will not make any difference,” he said