Tycoon Series spawns films


By Neo Kolane

Tycoon Series is set to release something different, a folktale turned into a film called ‘Moshanyana le Moriana’this month.

Tycoon Series was founded in November 2015 with the aim to act as a library of Sesotho content. It uses the language which is threatened by extinction.

The founder of Tycoon Series, Makalo Carlos Khutlisi said that ‘Moshanyana le Moriana’ was shot at Setibing in the Maseru district.


Khutlisi told theReporter that the folktale is extended with a dialogue in between.

He revealed that the folktale will be completed on September 11. It will be subjected to editing afterwards while it is set to be released on September 30. It will be published on Tycoon Series channel on YouTube for free.

Carlos also said that everything from script writing to production and releasing is made by Tycoon Series and a lady called Candice Tšoana who is responsible for the cast.

“Since we are working on folktales, we will be doing ‘Moshanyan’a Senkatana’after the release of ‘Moshanyana le Moriana.”

Moving on, Carlos said that Tycoon Series has a lot of Sesotho content, from music videos to Sesotho prayers and games. They are hoping to venture into Sesotho traditional food in the future.

“From 2015 till 2019 the main goal of Tycoon Series was to sell more merchandise in order to fund the theatre part of the company. Since then, we have sold so many pieces successfully hence we were able to buy international film gear. It is a great achievement for Tycoon Series.

“In 2016 one of our films was awarded a certificate at the Lesotho Film Festival. In 2017, SABC radio and TV personality Palo Mokoailane, who is known for his role as ‘Pheko’ SABC soap opera Muvhango, paid us a visit after seeing a trailer of one of our action sequels.

“It was at this very moment that we realised how much we need international gear to produce for South African TV stations. He showed us how to submit to them and what the requirements are,” Carlos made known.

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