Curator aims for global scene

Art pieces on show at Maeder House Gallery

By Neo Kolane

Morija Museum and Archives in partnership with Morija Arts Centre is currently hosting a group exhibition that began on November 7 at Maeder House Gallery in Morija.

The exhibition ends on November 30 2021.

Participating artists are Matty Monethi, Thaabe Matela, Thakane Lerotholi, Mpho Tsuene and Thato Toeba.


The exhibition was under the theme ‘Propelling Otherness’ which is an effort to visualize idiosyncrasy and distinct traits in a relatively undeveloped art community in Lesotho, and what it means in a global scope.

The exhibition is the second installment of the ongoing exhibitions.

The curator of the exhibition, Tšepiso Mahadi, told theReporter that she chose the theme then and looked for an artist that would fit into the scene.

“I was not necessarily looking for artists who are traditional in a sense that they draw lots of attention. I wanted artists who are trying to focus more on expressing using different mediums,” Tšepiso explained.

Tšepiso was looking for a Mosotho who is able to use different mediums and not just one who sticks to painting.

The film maker is hoping to set up Maeder House Gallery as an art gallery officially where people sell crafts on a daily basis.

“The idea with the exhibition is for it to be as broad as possible in a global sense meaning that local artists participating in art festivals while inviting other southern African artist to showcase their art.

“If my team and I can work towards that, then it will mean building an art market in the country and making people aware that art is not about coming and viewing pieces but also buying the works.

“Artists’ conversations are important,” Tšepiso emphasized.

She suggested that art is a decorative tool that be stored in a gallery.

Thato Toeba who is also a legal scholar, shared visuals of continuing thoughts on personhood, politics, propaganda, nationality, globalisation, law and culture in a college.