We’re growing from strength to strength


This month we marked our third birthday, a major milestone in the short life of theReporter. In moving with the times, we have since gone digital. This has guaranteed our readers the freedom to read the publication from the luxury of their private space, wherever they are.

In keeping with our mandate as a development-oriented newspaper, we will continue promote a culture of democracy in Lesotho.

The key word here is DEMOCRACY. We have an important role in this regard, that of leadership, also referred to as ‘setting the agenda’. We will continue to do our best to dig deep to provide information that focuses, frames and illuminates important issues for the vitality of society.  We will, to the best of our abilities, play the role of explainer, that is, to clarify what is happening on an issue and dispel myths that may exist in our society.

Of course, we understand that people have different layers and dimensions and it is our duty to move between and within them to capture the mosaic of voices, viewpoints, events, problems and solutions that exist. We will look beyond conflicts to explore underlying issues and perspectives as this will help engage people and create a greater sense of responsibility.


All these actions, at the end of the day, are geared towards understanding and participating in poverty reduction and development, which is about achieving a higher quality of life (fairly distributed) by making sustained and rapid alterations in society’s productive capacity and social organisations.