Festival to grow tourism industry

Tṧokolo Makeka - Mr Gin

By Neo Kolane

The Great Awakening of the Lesotho Gin & Trout Festival will take at Khutsong Lodge in Maseru on December 3-4 2022.

The festival organisers have partnered with Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) as a measure to promote tourism as one of the key economic factors and to attract multitude of tourists to visit the country.  

The two-day event will showcase a snapshot of what Lesotho has to offer, from the culture, scenery and its amazing people.


At a press briefing in Maseru this week, the founder of the festival Tṧokolo Makeka disclosed that Lesotho Gin & Trout Festival is a tourism event which will help in the capacity to build the economy of the country.

He added that the event creates value chain.

Famously known as Mr Gin, the event manager explained that festivals are used to gather value chain around a single event.

Mr Gin said the venue Khutsong Lodge is a resort and has wild animals and lastly it is close to the famous historic place Thaba-Bosiu.

He mentioned that the second value chain is that Basotho who figured out new recipes will display their food and drinks.

“We will have different people who have cooked and will be selling different cuisines,

“Market designers, photographers and artisans will also be given a platform to show their crafts,” Mr Gin said.

He revealed that Gin is one of the largest booming industry in the world due to its diversity, botanicals are what makes new gin, from herbs like rosemary and thyme.

“There will be 12 different gins.

“Lesotho highlands trout is one of the tastiest on the planet consumed from Franschoek eateries to Tokyo sushi bars, enjoy our food market with Trout cooked in a myriad of ways!

“Revellers will grab their complimentary festival glass and gin guide and enjoy the differing gin houses the festival has to offer

“Hiking, running, drone racing are but a few of the Gin & Trout curated events that will happen in and around the festival,” Mr Gin explained.

On his side, the head of strategic marketing of LTDC Tebello Thoola said that Lesotho Gin & Trout Festival has partnered with the corporation to make money.

Thoola said the ministry of tourism and the corporation will create a conducive environment for the private sector to bring tourists.

“We encourage Basotho with ideas that are tourism related to approach the corporation,” he said.

Tickets are purchased from www.ticketbox.co.ls/events/lesotho-gin-trout-festival