LRA warns non-compliant clearing agents


It has come to the attention of The Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) that there are Clearing Agents who have failed to comply with the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act No. 10 of 1982 and/or the terms and conditions of their Clearing Agent licence.

The public is advised that the Lesotho Revenue Authority is empowered to suspend or revoke the licence of any Clearing Agent found to have abused the terms and conditions of its licence or to have failed to comply with the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act.

Any member of the public wishing to import into Lesotho, goods requiring the services of a Clearing agent is advised to contact the registration office on 52215143 to verify whether such Clearing Agent is licensed or not before procuring the services of such a Clearing Agent.


It has also come to the attention of the Lesotho Revenue Authority through numerous complaints by different clients, that some Clearing Agents have accepted money from them to clear vehicles on their behalf but have not offered the services promised. Clients are urged to approach the office of the Head Client Services located at Government Complex, Finance House to furnish the office with all information regarding any complaints against such clients or suspicious behaviour of any clearing agent regarding importation of their vehicles.

For more information please contact us on or call 52215531/52215433

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