Mother and son cake business soars


By Kefiloe Kajane

A duo of mother and son has fallen into the baking pan after the latter thought of establishing a small business.

That is how a slightly thriving enterprise of Cake your Day came into life between Fumane Jonathan and her son.

The creativity first struck the mind of her son while in Grade Four.


The son’s idea was nurtured and became a reality when Jonathan began baking the cakes, muffins and scones for celebrity occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and graduations.

It is now owned by the two.

In an interview with this paper, Jonathan said when her son was in grade four he developed a liking for baking and started selling the food stuff at school, bringing home a handful of coins.

She indicated that the people liked the muffins though he had to stop selling them at school. That made her to think of selling the muffins at her workplace.

 “People at work loved the muffins and we started making cakes and scones as well. We started getting orders and that is how we became Cake your Day. I always tell people that the business is my son’s I am just helping him as he is still young and he will have to juggle baking and school.

“It is amazing how the business has grown from 2018 until now with the support of Basotho. We started small with one order per week but now we are able to get up to 10 orders per week, a sign that the support is great. My son is very grateful for the business and I would like to one day see it grow bigger so that it could be something that he falls back at when he finishes schooling,” she said interestingly.

“I would like to see it become something he can be proud of as he started it. We do encounter some problems especially when it comes to sourcing equipment and ingredients that we use because some are not locally available. Now, with the Covid-19 restrictions it is even harder for the fact that we cannot cross the border to access them. But we try hard to use what we have. Another challenge is that I have to go to work while he has to go to school, thus limiting our time for selling,” she explained.

She is planning to one day grow the enterprise to become a bakery that sells an assortment of flour products.

Cake your Day can be found on facebook under the name ‘Cake your Day’ or on the number 63006755.