When money speaks, truth is silent


Shortly after the election of Hakainde Hichilema as President of Zambia, one of the citizens of that country posted a brief but powerful, incisive and thought-provoking message on the President’s social media page. The post read:

“Mr President, there are certain investors whose mode of doing business is carrying briefcases full of fresh dollar cash. I am sure these businesspeople are already researching on the weaknesses of the team you are about to appoint.

“They already have an idea of who will be on your team and are now seeking information about the birthdays of their family members for special gifts. They will fly your team to their country First Class using their money and lodge them in first class hotels, entertain your team with first class women and by the time your team realises it, they would have been captured.

“It takes more than human ability to resist a bribe. It’s by God’s Grace. I am writing from experience Your Excellency.”


Further south, to Lesotho: Does this sound familiar? Does it ring any bells?

Well, it does. When big foreign businessmen support, is it because they like you? Is it because you are a fine man? No, they are capturing you so you can advance and protect their interests at the expense of those people that voted you into power.

A few examples. After the 2017 polls, almost everyone sane Mosotho was up in arms over the appointment of an Asian businessman as then Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s economic advisor. Well, the true nature of Thabane and John’s friendship are well documented.

Immediately after Thabane’s unceremonious ejection from power and installation of Moeketsi Majoro as the new head of government, we saw the Chinese embassy gifting Majoro M1million as a gesture of goodwill.

It does not take rocket science to guess the true motive of the ‘gift’. The love of money is the source of all evil.

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