A new season to find balance and manage our money better


By TKay Nthebe

It is the first weekend of September, officially Spring! I cannot say that this is my favourite season, but who can be upset about blossoming trees and flowers, people saying their “I do’s” and of course LOTS of colours – even if it’s of snow-white mountains?

Personally, spring, this year represents new a beginning in my life – breaking limiting beliefs, a lot of uncertainty, and change. I’ve recently left my corporate job, that for many years has guaranteed many benefits – job security, medical aid, a sense of belonging, and retirement benefits. I had no regrets about leaving my job, only until the 20th of August 2021, when my phone did not beep with a notification from the bank that my account was credited with a salary. Could my timing be any worse – amidst a global pandemic and high levels of unemployment?

Many called me crazy – insane even! “Who quits a permanent and pensionable job to pursue their “passion” when everything seems so uncertain?”


In this week’s article, I do not necessarily want to share financial education tips on how best to manage and plan your money. Rather, express gratitude and encourage the readers of Leruo to find a balance and to keep working hard to build generational wealthLeruo!

As a nation, we’ve been through many challenges in 2021 – loss of lives, economic challenges and limited social interactions with family and friends. Spring represents new beginnings, opportunities and finding a balance – work, health, finances, family, and friends. So, if you’ve been feeling guilty, disheartened and like a failure when it comes to managing your finances, stop beating yourself up.

This new season provides us the opportunity to reflect, change and manage our spending habits. Since leaving my job, I have had to adjust from managing a guaranteed income and change to managing an irregular flow of income. This requires that I change and manage my spending habits, reduce certain expenses, and increase my income streams. I am working on increasing my savings and building wealth through investments, all while remembering to live and enjoy life.

We’ve all made money mistakes and continue to struggle with our money disorders such as compulsive shopping or overspending. Let’s use the new month as an opportunity to start afresh, set new financial goals, commit to improving our finances and become part of the Leruo family, where we empower you with financial knowledge and skills to help you make informed decisions.

Managing our finances is very important but let us also find a balance between planning for tomorrow and enjoying life today. Let’s be intentional about saving, paying off debt and planning for retirement – but do not forget to live! It’s a new season, so do not be shy to spring clean and reinvent yourself. Leruo is for ALL Basotho!