Y-Knacle hits celebrity market

Tšepo Moejane of Y-Knacle Online Magazine

By Neo Kolane

A born leader and open-minded character, Tšepo Moejane has decided to give Lesotho’s public figures, celebrities and entertainers the spotlight opportunity through his online magazine Y-Knacle.

Y-Knacle online magazine is a platform that was founded in June 2020 by Tšepo in collaboration with Motšelisi Hoohlo.

Tšepo, who is also the executive editor-in-chief of the magazine, told theReporter that he and Motšelisi realised that Lesotho’s entertainment industry was at a low ebb and then came up with an idea to give such people a platform.


 Tšepo believes that Lesotho “has raw talent in each and every aspect which will one day blow up and achieve great international recognition.”

The 18-year-old wants to make Lesotho’s entertainment industry something great and trigger interest among the young people in the future.

He revealed that Y-Knackle’s content is based on entertainment and business only.

“We try to satisfy each and every entertainment sector present in the country and bit by bit we are getting there,” the magazine founder added, noting that he has long fallen in love with writing,

 “From a very young early age, I have shown considerable interest in writing. And for the record, all persons within the magazine team did not study anything related to journalism or publishing work.

“We are just a bunch of teenagers with interest to write. So right after founding the magazine in June 2020, it took a month or two before people close to myself and Motšelisi showed interest in helping our vision come to fruition.

“Those being; Lerato Mokemane and Moeketsi Liau who today are in the management of the magazine. Moeketsi edits while Motšelisi takes on the design of graphics and Lerato assures that articles are ready before deadline. With such distribution of responsibilities, we are able to produce the publication,” Tšepo said.

He suggested that competition is high especially for them as youngsters cloaked in the industry.

 “But we do not feel threatened by the competition. We hold hands to assure that each and every copy is of premium worth, and the feedback from the public too, says a lot, and the response from the readers is overwhelming,” he said.

Tšepo explained that Y-Knacle is a name with no literal meaning but to which they decided to give a meaning that it is a platform and spotlight for the gems Lesotho has founded.