LETOFE promises ‘big surprise’


Merrymakers will be waiting with bated breath after the annual Lesotho Tourism Festival (LETOFE) announced it has a ‘spectacular’ surprise in store as it celebrates 15 years of its inception.

In an interview with theReporter, Standard Bank marketing manager, Manyathela Kheleli said this year’s event is going to be even more scintillating and fun, which is in line with the festival’s mission to make every event better than the previous one.

Standard Bank Lesotho is the main sponsor of the festival which will be held on December 22 in Thaba Bosiu.

“LETOFE Sounds of Blues remains the legacy of Standard Bank and has established itself as one of the most outstanding and crown pulling events in Lesotho’s entertainment calendar, and we are proud of that.


“We are pleased with the growth of the festival; it demonstrates a good investment which we use to thank Basotho for the support they have given the bank over the years,” he said.

He said when they started out they backed the festival with only M50 000, but the sponsorship has grown exponentially over the years to seven digits.

“We are now talking millions of Maloti for preparations and staging the event; the organisers need the Blue Bank in their corner to make things happen.”

He said their partnership with LETOFE is more than just a cooperate social investment, as they have entered into a partnership agreement which makes them the cardinal sponsors of the event.

Kheleli further advised music lovers to start buying tickets now and make sure that they arrive on time because there is only one route to the event, which could result in slow traffic if people arrive at night.

Meanwhile, LETOFE organiser, Montoeli ‘Moleli, enthused they are pleased with the growth the festival has demonstrated over the years, although there is still room for improvement. 

“There have been challenges here and there in preparing for the shows in all these 15 years, but we always make sure that people get what their monies worth. The road to the venue is one of our biggest challenges; it is beyond our control but we would like to advise people to arrive on time in order to avoid getting caught up in traffic congestion,” he said.