Students to get allowance while at school


By Kefiloe Kajane

Higher education students are in their second week back to school after weeks long break because of the Covid19.

Many students who are sponsored by the Lesotho government through the National Manpower Development Secretariat (NMDS) were concerned about their upkeep as they prepare to write their end-of-year examinations.

This is because they usually receive the last of their NMDS monthly allowances in May when academic year ends, and they look poised to involved in academic activities beyond that due to disruption caused by Covid-19.

A student from one of the local colleges who preferred to be unnamed said they are worried about how they will pay their rentals and transportation to school and back home.

She indicated that they also have assignments that need to be printed, and that needs money; so if they do not receive allowance for June that will be to their detriment.

Speaking to theReporter, the deputy director of NMDS Thabo Ntoi explained that students whose schools will confirm to NMDS that they are still in school will continue to receive their allowances.

He said NMDS acknowledges that circumstances are not normal and will be in constant contact with schools, so an exception can be made for those students who still have to write examinations or have assignments to submit.

“However, we want students to know that we operate on lists provided by schools that are still open. We do not want students coming to our offices or contacting us to tell us they are still in school. It needs to be done through proper channels, to avoid future complications,” Ntoi said.

Many colleges across the globe are currently operating classes online only as they have not gone back to school because of the Covid19.