Cleaning company takes the green route

Stam Green Cleaning Services Managing Director - 'Mantama Matlanyane

By Kefiloe Kajane

Local company Stam Green Cleaning Services is a cleaning company with a difference, as believes in the use of green products to ensure a clean environment.

This is not surprising, since its owner ‘Mantama Matlanyane is a hygiene freak with an insatiable passion for cleanliness.

Providing cleaning services both locally and in neighboring country South Africa, Stam Green Cleaning Services was only founded in 2011 and they provide mostly commercial cleaning to hotels, hospitals and restaurants.

Matlanyane says the company only uses green natural products to clean because they are trying to avoid all the harmful products that leave clients with strong chemicals which could also be harmful. She said they also specialise in steam cleaning which enables their cleaning to kill bacteria and other gems.

“I have been in the cleaning industry for a while now, and have co-owned a few companies but I noticed that, to other people, cleaning service is just about money, and not making a difference.

“That is when I decided to start my own thing. The idea of being in the cleaning industry started way back when I was still young. I was in Europe with my family and they hired a cleaning service; I realised then that this could actually be something that I could be involved with.

“It was a dream that stuck with me ever since. It is important to live in a clean environment because it lets us achieve whatever we want to achieve. Starting this company made me realise that any type of entrepreneurship is not easy; you need to be passionate about what you want to start,” Matlanyane said.

She further indicated that although Covid-19 has affected many people in different ways, they have somehow benefited because now people are taking cleaning services seriously. She said now people more than before understand the importance of keeping a clean environment.

Since no business venture is problem-free, Matlanyane said the main challenge in her line of work is people not taking her seriously.

“It is difficult to convince people that you want to venture into cleaning services as your full time job, because people tend to undermine cleaners. But my passion spurred me on as I wanted to prove them wrong and teach them to respect cleaners.

“Going forward, I would like to one day be a leading facility management company with sustainable and eco-friendly practice at its core. The aim is for us to broaden our portfolio to wider waste management services that are lacking in our country like, proper waste collecting vehicles, street cleaning vehicles, snow clearing mobiles and high rise cleaning and access services,” she said.

Another dream of hers is for Stam Green Cleaning Services to be in a position to produce their own natural cleaning products.