More to Fashion Week than just fashion


By Neo Kolane

Lesotho Fashion Week (LSFW) is unleashing youth innovation and creativity potential during and post this era of the COVID-19 pandemic starting today at Alliance Francais.

Lesotho Fashion Week is the only high profile business to business marketing platform for fashion, footwear, accessory and jewelry in Lesotho. By acting as the optimal platform for a designer to start, develop and grow their business from, LSFW promotes showcasing designers to the media, retail buyers and their clients both in Africa and internationally.

The COVID19 pandemic ushered in a period of uncertainty for thousands of young people in Lesotho, disrupting schools and academic calendars, forcing businesses to close and exacerbating job uncertainty and unemployment, with the entertainment and social gatherings having been impacted negatively.

The founder of LSFW, Mahali Granier told theReporter  this week that LSFW is hosting a COVID-19 Youth Masterclass which is a platform for experience sharing for youth, by youth and on the youth-led innovative solutions tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It will offer a safe space for discussions and exchange of ideas and experience on challenges young people face in the innovation path.

She continued to say that the Masterclass will therefore address young innovators experiences and challenges, enabling environment for their solutions to upscale social impact across the country, as well as their motivations and resilience capacity.

“The Masterclass will also explore the support available in the country and the pre-conditions to leverage on such opportunities as well as examine the existing solutions and legal frameworks available to protect youth innovation.

The goal of LSFW is to affirm and raise awareness of youth’s contribution to national efforts in the response against COVID-19, to envision a future for Lesotho and Basotho Youth in the aftermath of the COVID-19.

“And lastly, to showcase and stimulate the creation of an empowering and enabling environment for youth’s creativity, ingenuity and innovation in fighting against COVID-19 and beyond.”


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