Twins cashing in on their talent


By Neo Kolane

As a way to create a space that a person will love and would want to come home or go to work to, Gifted Hands, a business that is run by two siblings has left many people with smiles every time they get services at their warehouse.

Located at Khubetsoana just outside Maseru, Gifted Hands is a business that was founded by 20-year old Thato and Lerato Tśoeute in 2016 with the aim of delivering exactly what the customer wants. The ‘family business’ produces coffee tables, study tables, TV stands and shoe racks to mention but a few.

The business began as an exhibition of the twins’ talent; the duo actually began drawing at a young age and would always have better drawings compared to their classmates.

The twins have always loved arts to the extent where they would take garbage and make breath-taking things out of it.

Lerato told theReporter that Gifted Hands is a business where a customer selects their own design and gets it delivered exactly the way they want it.

“We want a customer to have a relationship with their product so that they will be able to relate to it.”

The duo love wood, and have as a matter of fact come to appreciate that wood comes in different colours and textures; this enables them to manipulate it whichever way they want.

“We realised that if we did exactly that, we could create something that is completely different but that is also appealing to the eye and which people can relate to.”

Lerato explained that they started with string art which they had seen on Pinterest, an American image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the worldwide web using images and, from there they started showcasing it at markets and they sold it at the Nala Project Community Market.

“From there, the money we made at the market, we decided to venture into something else, namely wood; we bought materials of wood; that was in 2018.”

Gifted Hands decorates restaurants, businesses and home; “we want Basotho to get furniture they deserve, what makes them feel good.

“We get recommended by other customers and we often leave customers happy; that is our biggest achievement, seeing smiles on our customers’ faces. We hope to own the biggest firm in Lesotho which will hire creatives, from artists in all forms doing furniture and clothing. That is how far we are willing to go,” Lerato enthused.


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