Helping youth with academic success


By Kefiloe Kajane

Thato Mokhothu is a young woman born and raised in Maseru who is passionate about education. Through her passion for education she founded an educational consultancy Explore Academic Success where she mentors the youth.

Explore Academic Success is an educational consultancy working with students to mentor them to perform at their best academically and to assist students at all levels in finding opportunities for further studying, such as admissions, scholarships and fellowships

Mokhothu, who is now pursuing her Phd research in Neuroscience, says the field speaks to her personally because she is an academic herself.


She explained that as she has struggled in the past with lack of money and funding opportunities to study what she wanted, she made it her mission in life to help others so they do not have to struggle like she did.

“With this programme or rather consultancy, we have so far managed to help over 15 students get full scholarships in places such as China, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, South Africa and the United States.

“We continue to mentor these students while they are there because our motto is once a member, always a member. This is also for them to help others once they have made something out of themselves.

“We have also helped a great number of students who were struggling in high school to get better grades through mentoring them. More than 10 students who we mentored that sat the 2018 and 2019 national exams in Junior Certificate and Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education received top marks with the help of our education coaches,” Mokhothu said.

She further said their goal is for Explore to become more accessible throughout the country by establishing more offices in other districts.

Furthermore, she said within the next five years they want to become a comprehensive education resource provider. She indicated that currently they consult on scholarships, learning processes and performance improvement.

“But we want to be able to fund students ourselves and produce education materials fit for all levels of our students. We will work hard to continue to serve the nation this way, and with the support of all Basotho who value education, we can make it,” she said.

Explore Academic Success mentors all students who decide to register as members to better their academic success.

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