Q-Real releases debut album


By Neo Kolane

MASERU – Local Hip-Hop artiste, Sekonyela Qaitsane known in the music circles as Q-Real, has released his debut album titled “Matsieng’s finest” (styled Matsiengsfinest) paying homage to his native Matsieng, a town in the outskirts of the Maseru City which is a second home to Lesotho’s royal family.

Born and bred in a small rural village of Ha-Tṧilo in Matsieng, Q-Real says the 19-track album is his best project yet, since breaking into the Hip-Hop industry in January 2017, when he recorded his debut single.

The single was followed a year later by the release of his amateur collection titled “Bophelo Ke Taemane” (loosely translated life is a diamond), which drew the attention of fans and crystalizing his presence in the music scene.

The very quiet Q-Real who could be mistaken for a recluse, currently enjoys a huge presence on Facebook with over ten thousand followers, a feat by Lesotho hiphop industry standards and proof that he has somewhat consolidated and endeared himself to a loyal fan base.

Q-Real says he is vesting his hopes in this “breakthrough” project, which he describes as versatile in that it is an infusion of hip-hop and famo music produced by a variety of “young, upcoming but very talented producers”.

His closest associate, Zinkz Dee is the executive producer, having produced, mixed and mastered 80 percent of the songs.

Sepalami, Caluzarbeats and Phoka Matete have also made a significant contribution in productions.

Q-Real has featured the vocals of renowned local rapper Juvy Oa Lepimpara, a household brand in his own right, along with Lemeke Oa Mochini, Chereh Sputswe, Lu Srenk and Zinkz Dee.

The album intro was sung by The Hail, a poetry group led by Ntsie Oa Seroki, paying tribute to Q.

Q-Real described his album as highly diverse and appealing to all age groups.

“This album has been produced by four producers and that says a lot about the kind of music it entails. The producers I worked with are very talented and good at what they do,” he said.

“I would like to believe they invested their diverse skills in this album. The album is an infusion of different sounds. My versatility as a musician was highly challenged and I must say I rose to the occasion.”

He said each and every song “has a direct message addressing a specific issue”.

“The reason I make music is because I want to entertain people, heal their souls and give them inspiration through my music. All this is found in this album,” he said.

He added that the album’s monicker, ‘Matsiengsfinest’, derives from him bravely laying a claim to being the best Matsieng grown product.

“Matsieng is not known to be a hip-hop territory. I don’t know of any prominent hip-hop artistes from there who have made it big in the music industry before. I want to be the first,” he bragged.

His life’s mission, he concluded, was to give children back home “something to brag about at some point”.

“I want them to look at me as someone from their village who is making strides in the music industry. I want to give them something to be proud of. And, I hope they will also realise that they can become whatever they want regardless of their backgrounds,” he said.

“It’s my way of showing them how to dream and go all out to claim what is theirs.


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