Covid-19 survivor talks up mental strength


By Neo Mathibe

Covid-19 survivor Futsoane Sheane of Ha Tṧosane in Maseru has underlined mental strength as a key instrument to defeating the disease.

Twenty-eight-year old Sheane recovered from the disease having tested positive on July 6 after exhibiting its symptoms.

She experienced severe chest pains, extreme fatigue, a lack of appetite and a high fever. After eventually going through with the test, she spent 14 days at home in self-quarantine while waiting for her results.

Her worst fears were confirmed when the results came out positive.  By that time, she was already taking remedies like honey, ginger and lemon. She was steaming with wild wormwood (lengana) and drinking lots of hot beverages.

Now knowing her status, she continued to self-quarantine while religiously taking remedies to treat her symptoms.

The greatest challenge that people who have tested positive have is to shut out negative thoughts like how dangerous and lethal the virus is. Stay positive and be strong mentally, at all times.

“As a Christian, I kept telling myself that it is not over until God says it is over; that helped me block out any negative energy”, Sheane told theReporter

She did not receive any counseling prior to receiving her results, and she wishes she had; she reiterated the importance of emotional support for Covid-19 victims.


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