‘Obey Covid-19 regulations, or else…’


Government ministers this week expressed concern at the continued non-compliance with Covid-19 regulations, which fuels the escalation of the pandemic cases.

Health minister Motlatsi Maqelepo lamented that people suddenly attend gatherings in unauthorized numbers.

He blamed this practice for the continuing increase of Covid-19 cases, and noted that people do not seem to take seriously the ministry efforts to educate them on safety precautions.

“Many people think, just because restrictions have been relaxed, this means Covid-19 is no longer a threat. This is not true; the number of cases is still going up.


“There are Covid-19 regulations that have been put in place that we need to follow and obey. It is disappointing to see that, while we are trying to fatten the curve and to revive the economy, Basotho see this as an opportunity to have gatherings and drink alcohol.”

For the part, the minister of police ‘Mamoipone Senauoane warned that, if people do not voluntarily obey Covid-19 regulations, police will have to take action against them.

“It is a pity that Basotho do not want to listen but want to be forced to do the right thing. Covid-19 is a serious problem to many countries and Lesotho is no exception,”