Residents demand payment


Residents from several villages in the Kanana D08 Community Council are breathing fire, demanding to be paid their wages after working as labourers in the construction of a footbridge at Berea Sekhutlong. They are threatening to disrupt and halt the construction work.

Council chairperson, Zwane Takane, told theReporter that they held talks with the angry community members who have not been paid despite since six months ago.

“We negotiated with the community not to stop the construction of the bridge while we work on them getting remunerated. We are very disappointed that it got to this.

“These people have done their part and what has to happen now is for them to get their payments. This is a problem we are facing because the central government does not seem to be cooperating.

“About two weeks ago we were told that this year’s budget allocation has been sent to the community councils, but until now we have not received anything. There is no clear explanation as to where the money is stuck. This is not the only project experiencing such challenges. There are to other completed footbridges. The people who worked there have not been paid.”


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