Lesenyeho ventures into toilet paper production


By Neo Kolane

Toilet paper is an everyday essential and it may stay in demand forever, according to 32-year old Tšepiso Lesenyeho who has a desire to contribute to making Lesotho a self-sufficient country, especially with essential needs.

Lesenyeho was born and Bred in Maseru but stayed in different countries such as South Africa and Asia.

She says she could never thank her parents enough for taking her to boarding school from an early age because that gave her a chance to make her own decisions and develop an independent mind.


Lesenyeho is the proprietor of Boemo Toilet Paper which is 100 percent locally made and has thus far provided two full-time and two part-time jobs to Basotho.

Lesenyeho has told theReporter on Tuesday that the toilet paper manufacturing is her dream come true as the idea would never stop haunting her until she accomplished it.

“Knowing that through my company, two or more households will put bread on the table everyday warms my heart each day. They say we should be the change we want to see and I believe our time is now,” she said.

Lesenyeho explains how she remembers pitching the idea to her mother many years ago, and all she could say was for her to go find a job and stop thinking about impossibilities.

“Like any child, I did as I was told. I jumped from one company to another but the dream just never stopped haunting me. I shared the idea with friends and strangers with whom our paths crossed, and every time it crossed my mind it became more and more scary.

She finally took that leap of faith, went against all odds and did it.

“I gave birth to Boemo Toilet paper which was registered in August 2013 although it opened its doors in February 2020.”

At one point she says she felt like giving it all up but every time the thought came to her mind it reminded her of the reasons why she started in the first place.

“Looking back, I would say my entrepreneurial skills were groomed in my primary school when I started running laundry services. This is something my mother is about to discover from reading this article.

“I obtained my first diploma from Sandy Roy Beauty Therapy Institution. I know this is new to most, but I am a qualified beauty therapist. We all know how our parents and society view such courses, right? So with no break from studying, I geared up for my second diploma which is Transportation Management obtained from the University of Johannesburg.

Truth is, competing with giant brands is not easy. I tapped into a rapidly growing industry, but one thing for sure is Boemo Toilet paper will get there, it is just a matter if time.

“The response we have been getting from Basotho has been humbling, I can never express enough gratitude. With every order and every sale it’s a chance to grow and improve. Positive criticism has gotten us thus far.

“I just want to keep pushing until Boemo Toilet Paper reaches a stage where it needs “no introduction” anymore,” she enthuses.