Rapper speaks through his songs


By Neo Kolane

Rapper and Information Technology degree holder Rorisang Dennis Lehlokoa, famously known as ‘Deezy’, will on October 6 release his much anticipated hit single titled ‘Self-doubt’.

Deezy tells theReporter that he was going through uncertainty in his music career and that is what inspired the song.

“I was at my lowest point, doubting if this music career was really meant to be or it was just a fantasy. I had thoughts of leaving my career and going out to look for a job in IT since I hold a degree in that field.


“I quickly learnt that a lot of people, especially the youth, are going through this phase especially in this time of high unemployment rate. We doubt ourselves in different careers, especially in the arts,” he said.

He further tells this publication that felt that writing a song would let everyone going through a similar experience to know that they are not alone.

“This will also be healing and helping others psychologically,” he assumes.

Deezy is one of a few rappers in the country, capturing the hearts of hip-hop and RnB lovers with his ability to rap and also be vocal when delivering his lyrics.

He has performed in one of the biggest festivals in the country, ‘Morija Arts and Cultural Festival’. He also claims to have an influence on the middle aged audience with his ability to write songs that are relatable to the life experiences they face on daily basis.

Deezy released an EP named ‘Motions and Emotions’ in 2019 which was well received and performed on many platforms including The Love Letter.

He also has worked with a number of well-known artists in Lesotho such as T-Mech.

Deezy, however, would love to collaborate with ‘Axo-mind’ while in South Africa. “My favourite rapper is J-Cole, I love him for his skill in painting a picture through words. I think he is one of the best story tellers.”