Fashion show with a difference


By Kefiloe Kajane

It will be a unique mix of culture, glitz and glamour for fashionistas when the ‘Unscripted Fashion Experience’ hosts a fashion show like none ever seen on November 28.

The event will be held at the Thetsane Office Park in Maseru and will feature some of Lesotho’s top models from esteemed modeling agency Sotho Kids.

Event head of coordinators, Sebabatso Litlali, says there will be lots of local fashion designers to showcase their designs on the runaway, adding that poets reciting poems, dancers and local artists will also be on hand to spice up at the day with entertainment.


“This is a show for creatives, so in short we can say there will be lots and lots of creativity going on at the event.

“We have also invited a few government ministers to grace the event, together with local influencers.

‘As the name itself explains, ‘unscripted’ this means it is different from a typical fashion show because, here, the designers are allowed to design and showcase their creativity without any limits. Usually fashion shows have themes but there are no boundaries to this one.

“People are just allowed to tap into their wildest dreams and create whatever they want, from street wear, evening wear, to traditional wear; it could be anything, really,” Litlali said.

She reiterated that they are affording designers that rare opportunity to be free to express themselves in whatever they want to do.

She said although the fashion show is ‘unscripted’ and all about allowing people to be as creative and imaginative as possible, they will still be cognizant of the Covid-19 regulations as they are aware that the virus still exists. She said there will be people making sure that people are wearing masks and are sanitizing.

The tickets for the show are M50. The event will adopt a no entry without a mask on policy.