Company empowers youth


By Neo Mathibe

There are a number of companies that make and sell energy products, but Solar Lights (Pty) Ltd is one company that goes beyond manufacturing solar power lighting.

Solar Home Systems Installations started as a private initiative in 1996 and gave birth to the SL Company in 2007. 

Solar Lights focuses on ecological and social fairness. This is why they put all their energy into the development and distribution of resource-efficient products. Moreover, Solar Lights aims to empower the society of Lesotho and implement a sustainable lifestyle.


According to administrator, Itumeleng Moiketsi, the company believes that to achieve their goal they need to have a symbiotic relationship with the local populace; they also enter into international partnerships. In addition, they set positive examples as all their offices adapt to climate change and reduce carbon dioxide emission using innovative tools.

“We continue to show that we also encourage professional and personal development hence we have professional health, counselling, educational sessions. Add to that, insurance and banking sessions where people are encouraged and taught the importance of saving, taking loans or life insurances at a young age. People who have been with the company for some time can request to take courses and further their studies.

“This company also strives towards developing a workplace that uses renewable energy only.” She said.

Moketsi goes on to enthuse that Solar Lights derives takes pride in responding to the high unemployment rate of the youth by hiring young people, reemphasising the importance of empowering the younger generation.

The company mainly hires young people aged between 25 and 35, who are ideal for crisscrossing the country, promoting the company’s products, something that requires both exuberance. Energy and physical fitness. 

“We have a contemporary organizational culture that we instil in the young employees. The minimum certificate requirements are high school graduates but with the current situation of university graduates not gaining any experience, we also hire them so they can get experience. We employ mechanics, builders, cleaners and other jobs that do not require a lot of labour. We also have graphic designers.

“What mainly motivates us here at work is the fact that we learn to respect ourselves and our work. We have team building exercises which allow for the empowerment of employees and their work. We work to empower each other.”  Said Ithabeleng Moiketsi, administrator.

Chief of operations Bubu Nombulelo Ndziba says the company pays trainees between M2000-M2500 in stipends, while contracted employees are paid a minimum of M3000.  

Ndziba says the company plans to expand its operations to the rest of the region SADC, specifically Botswana.