Artiste mixes rap with gospel


Hip hop is a music genre that is usually associated with soul and funk, coupled with an element of wildness, free-spiritedness and sometimes vulgar and sexually explicit lyrics.

However, up and coming rapper Motebang Nefthaly Makhetha looks set to change all those perceptions with an innovative brand that he calls ‘Christian rap’.

Twenty-five-year old Makhetha, who goes by the stage name ‘King Nefthaly, says growing up at Ha Thetsane in Maseru, he had always been fascinated by rap music, hence he delayed venturing into the industry so he could focus on his education. He knew this would come in handy one day.

“It was while I was pursuing my studies that I he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. It then dawned upon me that I could actually go back to music and use rap to praise Him.


“I released a single titled ‘Mighty Warrior’ on October 30 this year. I make my music in English because I have non-Sesotho speaking fans.

“As a youngster I knew that my I shared my love for rap music with other youth. However, I was different in that mine was to praise the Lord and share His message while at it. So, basically, I can praise the Lord and at the same time give people the sound they love,” he said.

His journey began last year while he was in South Africa but he did not release any songs at the time. However, with a debut single to his name, he relishes letting Basotho and the whole world know that rappers do acknowledge God’s grace in their music; they. They celebrate His love and mercy in everyone’s life.

Reflecting on the support he has received from his family and his church, the rapper had this to say: “My church has the most supportive congregation ever, so yes they do support my music and me in this journey.

“I was born into a Christian family, so they always throw their weight behind everything that brings glory and praises to God, especially my wife! She loves everything that has to do with God and glorifies his name.

“Rap, most of the time, is used to promote rappers, to brag or sell the rapper to the people. Rap is also known to promote bad behaviour and drug abuse among youngsters, but I want to change all of that and give people a different message.”

On the academic front, King Nefthaly couldn’t graduate because of financial problems; however, he did go to business school at the University of in South Africa.  

His wish is for his music to be known globally. That is his dream, to grow and make his mark on the international stage.

“People must know that we should use everything, whatever we have at our disposal to praise God. My music is set to changing people’s perception of rap altogether.  Rap is a tool I use to uplift God’s name” he concluded, in an interview with theReporter last week