One stop shop for wood products


By Kefiloe Kajane

Makitle’s Cabinet, a manufacturing and maintenance workshop, are the go-to guys that many Basotho are turning to for their plank and upholstery needs.

This maintenance shop is owned by Takeng Makitle of Khubetsoana in Maseru, who describes the business as his hustle which he started 10 years ago without any financial backing. Today, Makitle employs 10 Basotho and has given many students internships.

Speaking to theReporter, Makitle said he went to school for two years and studied carpentry before attending training that was offered by the Basotho Enterprise Development Corporation (BEDCO) for another two years where he learned about the ins and outs of the business.


He said after he finished school, he decided to start his own business where he worked alone for some time until he made enough money to hire staff.

He explains that starting and maintaining a business is very challenging as there are many things like machinery that one cannot easily afford.

“But as a businessman, you learn things as you go. With the help of BEDCO, which allowed me to operate from its space for three months without paying rent when I started out, my business has attained stability.

“Also, the support that Basotho have showed me and my business up to this far is humbling and it motivates me to keep pushing and working harder because you realise that you’re not alone, people do take notice of your work.

“We specialize in everything to with wooden materials – from furnisher, flooring and ceiling as well as metal work. We are a one stop shop for everyone’s carpentry needs,” he said.

He indicated that he would like to have a showroom for his products, but not I the same space with the workshop. This way, it would be more convenient for clients to view his products.    

“It would be great if the government could help in expanding existing Basotho-owned businesses so they can employ more people. I would to invite the government to come and see or work, and to hear our needs which help its intervention.” 

Makitle’s Cabinet is found at Unit 30 BEDCO Building at Sebaboleng.