Local YouTuber flourishing


By Neo Kolane

Tokiso ‘TKay’ Nthebe is a driven and passionate 32-year old content creator and has reached 512 subscribers on his YouTube channel since he joined in 2019 using just a smartphone.

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users.

Nthebe’s YouTube channel is all about money, travel and lifestyle and he showcases his mistakes with money, how to use money, his travel and lifestyle adventures.


Nthebe also loves to travel, but because COVID-19 happened, his focus has been on showcasing different tourist destinations in the country with the goal of promoting domestic tourism.

The ambitious local boy describes content as a story, an experience or anything happening in the world that one can relate to.

Nthebe told theReporter that for the longest time he has always had a passion for content.

“I used to write a lot of blog posts without realizing that I was creating content,” he stated.

Growing up, Nthebe would write to YO-TV, a South Africa TV presenter-driven interactive, dynamic, fun and wacky social media blom-pozzie that entertains and informs Mzansi’s youth wanting to be one of the presenters.

“In 2012, I featured in a few local magazines as a guest writer and at that time I quite frankly didn’t know that creating content was an industry on itself and that people can make a living out of it.

“However, I began watching YouTube in August 2019 and saw how content creators were making money. My journey started soon after uploading a random video on I YouTube channel, when I only had 34 subscribers.”

Being one of Lesotho YouTubers, Nthebe believes Basotho have a lot of stories to tell and it is through content that the talent in Lesotho will be exposed to the rest of the world.

He added that for one to be a content creator, especially for YouTube, one should be authentic, consistent and intentional.

“I have learnt that the one thing that holds people back is the fear of starting; one needs to be consistent, authentic, take care of themselves mentally and learn to ask for help,” he stated.

“As a content creator, I may have the content but lack the video editing skills. An opportunity to collaborate with videographers thus arises. Through these collaborations, Basotho youth are able to then work together and create quality content, which is what usually happens with content creation,” he said.

Nthebe has also collaborated and promoted many local brands and says that is a big achievement.

He and his team are launching a podcast called Money Adventures with TKay, which will focus on the money adventures, stories and mistakes of young Basotho. This is a platform that seeks to normalize the youth having conversations about money, how best to use and grow it.