NUL comforts staff, students

National University of Lesotho

By Kefiloe Kajane

The National University of Lesotho (NUL) management has released a statement that it calls ‘a message of hope’ to staff and students during Covid-19 pandemic.

The university reminded the students and staff to take care of themselves and continue to observe the national and World Health Organisation Covid-19 guidelines and protocols and seek counselling services to help them cope during these trying times.

Describing the shock and anxiety brought about by the pandemic as ‘immeasurable’, NUL says it can never have enough words of condolence to the families, colleagues and friends of staff and students who have succumbed to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as those who are infected and recovering.


“On the morning of January 18 2021, the NUL received news of the loss of another employee, and some indications that many staff members, students and their close relatives are being admitted in hospitals or are self-isolated in their homes. Those who have recovered from the pandemic give us a ray of hope for life.

“As we continue working under these abnormal conditions, management hereby reminds staff members that matters relating to loss of life, ill-health (suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases) as well as possible exposure to Covid-19 should be reported to the office of the director – human resources so that, they can be recorded accordingly and necessary action be taken.

“When cases come up, managers should immediately report to the office of the director – human resources. Students on the other hand should report all the aforementioned incidences to the office of the director – student affairs. Staff members and students are also reminded to take note of places they have been to and people they have been in contact with in order to help with contact tracing,” the management said.