Polihali flooded!


By ‘Majirata Latela

Heavy rainfall in most parts of the country from Tuesday this week are said to have affected the Polihali construction on diversion tunnels area.

According to a statement from the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHDA), the recent heavy rainfall in most parts of the country including the highlands of Lesotho, as reported by the Lesotho Meteorological Services, has impacted on the river flow levels and induced flooding in and around work areas within the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

LHDA confirms that the river has overtopped the temporary bridge which allows access to the construction site and the outlet and inlet portal berms. There is some flooding in the tunnels and some equipment and temporary offices have been washed away.  The full impact of the flooding will only be known when the flood waters have receded.


However, the authority continues to show that none of the employees have been injured and the site has been evacuated to ensure the safety of all employees.

There will be temporary interruption to the works and operations will resume once the effects of the floods have been addressed. However, the neither Phase II nor Phase I permanent infrastructure is threatened.   

 “The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority advises the public to exercise care around the rivers and road cuttings. The ground is also saturated and may be unstable.

“The LHDA is monitoring the situation and will provide update as and when need arises,” LHDA says.