‘Maweekente’ to be released soon


By Neo Kolane

As a professional con-artist writing songs about his underground gangster life, Sneiman has once again written another album which will be released at end of the month.

Born and raised in the outskirts of Maseru in a small village called Ha-Makhalanyane next to the historically significant ‘Thaba-Bosiu’, Sneiman was heavily inspired by an ethnic approach to music by the likes of Sankomota, Salif Keita, K’Naan, Bongo Maffin, the legendary Tau ea Matṧekha and many other authentic artists. Sneiman is also inspired by the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Speaking to theReporter, Sneiman said the album inspires both the young and old to believe in their dreams and aspirations, asserting that if they work hard and believe in God they can define their own success and that there is no limitation to what they can accomplish in life.


“‘Tlohella ba ileng’, ‘Re nehe matla ft. Mosito Sentśo and ‘Ha bo jeloe’ featuring Big Zulu is a great example of the type of message I articulate to the people,” he stated.

Sneiman added that his fashion sense of Brentwood pants and expensive leather shoes represents a culture of early Southern African hard working mine workers; to celebrate that classic fashion, he decided to name the album Maweekente.

The artist, who is known for songs like ‘Uena’ where he features Kommanda Obbs and Tṧepe Motopela, says the album represents the real Tṧepe Sound and so they decided to stop following trends and so-called popular sounds.

“We decided to focus on something which is more into Sesotho culture, the bounce, the sound, the lyrics, so much that when one listens to the first track as a Mosotho, one will start to feel a sense of ownership,” he explained.

Inspired by the Famo sound, Sneiman said they used a live accordion and bass guitar and that timeless sound created by Sankomota.

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