Beauty with a heart of gold


By Neo Kolane

Maseru beauty pageant contestant, Rebecca Agente, hit the streets of Maseru last Sunday to give food to street kids as the Face of Lesotho pageant looms

Twenty-three-year old Agente of Ha Matala has been feeding the homeless in the run up to the Face of Lesotho pageant final on April 3 2021.

Agente is currently taking part in the Face of Lesotho pageant.


Face of Lesotho is the second national beauty pageant following Miss Lesotho, registered under the Beauty Pageants Association of Lesotho.

“Most people define me as a young passionate lady who younger people look up to. I am defined as a role model and an icon yet I define see myself as a rock that no storm can shake,” she says confidently.

Agente has previously taken part in the Miss Limkokwing contest, where she was runner up, and Miss Tradition, which she won.

“Everyone joined the pageant to lay their hands on the crown but I stand on the body shaming issue. I am here to make people aware that it is not about the body but the mind that holds it all. I am here to be the voice of the voiceless.

“The experience at Face of Lesotho is a lot different from others because it holds an international structure so with it, I learnt that the pageant is not only about myself, it holds a lot of teamwork,” she stated.

The outspoken beauty said the name of her project is ‘Remember Us’; it was formed to feed the homeless and its main mission is to achieve the second Sustainable Development Goals, that of attaining zero hunger.

Speaking to theReporter, the Ha Matala-born and bred beauty said that everyone can tell that the homeless are forgotten in this time of the pandemic, “hence the need for me to make a project to try and meet them halfway with food.

“The street kids were very happy, they even wanted pictures individually and that I should visit them not only when bringing food but to check on them too.”

She also stated that the food came from her savings, and she cooked the food by herself at home.

Agente is studying International Tourism.