Tšepong gives nurses ultimatum


By Kefiloe Kajane

Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial (QMMH) has instructed the 311 nurses who went on strike at the beginning of this month to report to work or face the consequences.

In a letter written by management todau, the hospital indicated that it has noted with disappointment that despite the Labour Court order on February 24, which specifically instructs the staff to go back to work, the nursing staff have not reported to work.

The hospital further indicated that it views this in a very serious light given the disruption to patient care and the operations of the facilities.


“By this communication, we instruct each and every employee to avail themselves and report for duty as scheduled immediately. We wish to inform you that should you not report for duty as instructed, there will be be no other alternative but to take serious action including dismissal where appropriate.

“It is the intention of management that any outstanding grievances are resolved amicably in a lawful and mutually respectful manner. We take strong exception to any stoppage through illegal means,” the hospital said.

The Labour court this week ordered the Tšepong nurses to return to work while they resolve the matter of their strike with their employer.